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Visitors feel humbled yet uplifted by the atmosphere of powerful solitude in the presence of the superb physical grandeur of Doubtful Sound.  Sometimes called ‘the Sound of Silence’, there is a cloistered serenity within Doubtful Sound that contrasts with Milford Sound.

The fjord is rich in flora and fauna, New Zealand Fur Seals and Fiordland Crested Penguins can be seen on many of the small islets at the entrance of the fjord.  At 421 metres deep, Doubtful is the deepest of the fjords and is long and winding with three distinct ‘arms’ and several outstanding waterfalls in the area from Deep Cove to the open ocean, a distance of around 40.4 kilometres.

There are many ways to experience Doubtful Sound – by kayak or cruise, as a day trip or on an overnight experience.

Recommended Activities in & near Doubtful Sound

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Cruise Doubtful Sound

RJ's Doubtful Sound

Go Orange Doubtful Sound Cruises - New Zealand’s funkiest new tourism operator, Go Orange, is providing awesome New Zealand experiences in Milford and Doubtful Sounds at sweet prices. Don’t be squeezed by other operators, we run our cruises with you in mind, so you get to enjoy our fun and informative Fiordland experience on your terms. Cruise Doubtful Sound or Milford Sound…or both! Our Milford Sound 2-hour day cruise offers the least crowded experience due to our large vessel set at half capacity – uncrowded, relaxed and totally breathtaking. While there ask us about our free food offers on selected departures. Our stunning Doubtful Sound cruise is a whole day experience including a visit to the power station and a 3-hour cruise on the Fiord – we also offer the only small-boat day cruise in this remote wilderness area with a maximum capacity of just 45 people. Get up close and personal with Doubtful Sound. Whether you choose Doubtful, Milford or both you’ll be wowed by the scenery and impressed by our staff. We offer value + personality in everything we do. Sweeten your day with a slice of NZ!

Reals Journeys – Immerse yourself in the vast and untouched wilderness of Doubtful Sound, the second largest fjord in Fiordland National Park.  With its rugged peaks, verdant rainforest and twisting, hidden inlets, Doubtful Sound will take your breath away. Home to abundant wildlife you may see bottlenose dolphins and fur seals at play, or catch a glimpse of a rare Fiordland Crested Penguin.

Getting to Doubtful Sound is an adventure in itself. With no direct road access, the only way you can to get to Doubtful Sound is by a cruise across Lake Manapouri and a coach trip over Wilmot Pass. This isolation makes the fjord a very special place, a place only those in the know get to see.

If you’d like to experience the pristine beauty of Doubtful Sound for yourself, join us for a Wilderness Day Cruise or better still, spend an unforgettable night on the fjord on our Fiordland Navigator Overnight Cruise


Visit New Zealand’s largest hydroelectric power station, the Manapouri Underground Power Station, located deep beneath Fiordland.

The construction of this power station was one of New Zealand’s greatest engineering achievements, with the majority of the work completed underground in a remote location. The only external signs are the above-ground control building, a switch yard and two sets of transmission lines that loop across the head of the lake on their way to join the national grid.   A visit to the Manapouri Underground Power Station begins with a cruise across beautiful Lake Manapouri. You will then travel by coach down a 2km (1.2 miles) spiral tunnel to view the immense underground machine hall and learn the story behind this power station.

Sea Kayaking

Sea Kayak Fiordland – Doubtful Sound is a vast, untouched wilderness. Three times longer than Milford Sound, it has a sea surface area roughly ten times larger due to its longer length and many side arms.Our 2-day kayak trips are all about allowing yourself some quality time to experience a personal adventure; a sea kayaking and camping trip in a remote environment that epitomises what Fiordland wilderness is all about – and of course, having fun along the way!

sea kayak doubtful sound

We are a free booking agent for all tours and activities, so come and see our friendly team at reception to book all your adventures.


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